Mike Burrill
, Fall 2008

After meeting Mike in the Spring on J. Zachary Keenan’s recommendation, we had him on speed-dial for the Fall. Mike’s been working heavily on our 2nd book, “DIY Album Packaging” setting tons of type with a typewriter and letraset, then cutting it all out and scanning it in. I'm sure its a blast.

Check his hand-drawn type action and obsession with hip-hop quotables on his Flickr page or at Ultraluminous.


Esther Park, Fall 2008

We met Esther through the Design Certificate Program at MCAD that Mike is enrolled in and where Namdev is currently teaching. Her type-heavy, print-oriented work seemed like a great fit for The MVA. She just started today and things are off to a great start with a willingness to do the not-so-fun stuff (clipping paths...) and a great attitude.


Molly Butterfoss, Summer 2008

When we realized we were producing (writing, editing, designing) 2 books this summer (possibly a 3rd) and that the 1st one was due July 15th, we freaked out, then posted an announcement on MCAD’s job board. After meeting with 2 promising applicants, Molly was the 3rd and final person we interviewed. Her portfolio was killer, a combination of illustration major with design skills. We were also impressed that someone who had literally just finished up their degree would be interested in working for free all summer so that they could work on a book. Frankly, we didn’t expect her to show up come May 15th. But, she did and she killed it on the NSG book plus random stuff for Corleone and internal MVA projects.

Peep her work as Nylon mag's Artist-in-Residence. To see more visit her portfolio site.