The Midwest Visual Agency acts as some-time design director for independent record label and good friend, Corleone Records, producing much of the label’s advertising and promotions.

Winter '08 Catalog Art Direction: The MVA / Design: Mike Burrill & Esther Park / Photography: Kimberlee Whaley

49_cor006bigtakeoveradrd1.jpg Fall '08 Releases ad All type hand-set by The MVA

Fall ‘06 releases ad

49_corleonespring06ad.jpg Spring ‘06 releases ad
All type hand-set with Letraset

49_corleonesummer07ad.jpg Summer ‘07 release ad

49_cor005dvdadrd1.jpg Corleone “Ten Years” DVD ad

49_fangisland-ad.jpg Fang Island “Sky Gardens” ad
Art Direction: The MVA / Design & Illustration: Molly Butterfoss